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  1. Rupert Wolfe Murray
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    This is really interesting from various perspectives. The more I use a bike (mainly in Bucharest) the more I realise what a great form of transport it is, and I take it on trains and planes and cycle in other countries too. But I’m so glad to learn how the Japanese invaded Singapore in WW2 as I was given a version of this story by my late grandfather, GHV Greer, who was a soldier in Singapore when the Japanese came. He escaped on a small boat, was picked up at sea and sent to work on a jungle railway in Burma. He told me “the Japanese came through the jungle but we were expecting them to come with ships and all our guns were pointing our to sea.” I suppose he didn’t know anything about the bikes and even if he did he probably would not have thought it unusual as I suppose in those days bikes were used much more than they are now. But the day of the bike will return when the oil runs out.

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